Mosquito Control in Andover and Peabody, MA

Family playing soccer outside in their yard. The Andover-Peabody area is a great place for outdoor lovers to call home. We have acres of natural beauty at Ward Reserve and miles of paddling on the Shawsheen River. Whether we’re on the river or at the shore, one thing we don’t love is the pesky mosquitoes. The bites, itching, and general annoyance can make outdoor recreation a hassle. Mosquito Joe® can’t help in the wild, but we can control mosquitoes in your yard with professional mosquito control in Andover and Peabody, MA.

How Mosquito Spraying in Andover and Peabody Will Benefit You

Mosquito control is essential to ensuring that your family or customers stay healthy. If you’re thinking about investing in mosquito control, consider the following benefits.

  • Reduced risk of diseases for pets: From heartworms to West Nile virus, mosquitoes can carry a variety of dangerous conditions that can affect your pets. By investing in mosquito control services, you can help to reduce the risk of your fur babies contracting these illnesses.
  • Protection from itchy bites: Not only do mosquitoes transmit diseases, but their bites also cause uncomfortable itching and swelling. Investing in mosquito control in Andover and Peabody, Massachusetts can help prevent you and your family from having to scratch away at itchy mosquito bites.
  • Lessen the impact of allergies: For those who suffer from seasonal allergies, mosquitoes can make their symptoms even worse, adding to their misery.. Investing in mosquito control can help to alleviate some of the discomfort caused by allergies.
  • Prevent mosquito breeding: Mosquito control helps to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your area. Our team of professionals can help identify any potential sources of standing water or other areas where mosquitoes may be hiding so that those areas can be treated.

At Mosquito Joe of Andover-Peabody, we are proud to provide reliable and effective mosquito spraying in Andover and Peabody, Massachusetts. These are some of the many benefits that can keep your home protected year-round.

Professional Mosquito Control in Andover and Peabody, MA

Mosquito Joe Service Professional inspecting yard. Partner with Mosquito Joe for outdoor pest control in Andover and Peabody this summer and reclaim your backyard. We rely on proven methods to control adult mosquitoes, larvae, and eggs with conventional and natural mosquito control services.


Traditional mosquito treatments rely on established pest control products and methods to repel mosquitoes. The pest control solutions are sprayed on foliage and deter mosquitoes and other pests for up to three weeks.


Mosquito spraying in Andover and Peabody using natural ingredients is an effective and long-lasting alternative to traditional options.

  • Botanical: Rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint, and other essential oils are proven to repel mosquitoes and other pests. Botanical ingredients are eco-friendly and can repel mosquitoes for up to 21 days.
  • All-Natural Garlic is one of the most effective and eco-friendly ingredients for natural mosquito control. The all-natural alternative to conventional treatments deters mosquitoes, aphids, flies, and other pests for weeks.

Why Choose Mosquito Joe for Mosquito Control in Andover and Peabody?

Mosquito Joe voted Best for Mosquito Control in 2023 by CBS Essentials. Imagine if your backyard was an oasis that your family could enjoy without itching and health concerns. When you invest in professional mosquito control services in Andover and Peabody, Mosquito Joe can help you create that oasis all summer long. There are no contracts and no worries because the MoJo satisfaction guarantee backs our effective, long-lasting mosquito control.

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Thanks to professional mosquito pest control in Andover and Peabody, you don’t have to put up with mosquitoes and other warm-weather pests. At Mosquito Joe of Andover-Peabody, we help customers take back their yards for more summer fun and less itching and biting. Mosquito Joe provides proven pest control services in the Andover-Peabody area and across the U.S. If you’re ready to send mosquitoes packing, request your free quote today.